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A friend and I watched Midsommar the other day and I thought it was great. Rather than a relying on jump scares the whole film is so unsettling to watch that even the gory scenes were over powered by how disturbing it was. The film follows a group of Americans who travel to a small commune in Sweden for the summer and centers around the crumbling relationship of two of their members. The main character Dani, is reeling from a family tragedy and is suffering from a great amount of trauma which accents the film. Her own fragile mental state narrates most of the story which presents an idyllic commune that quickly takes a turn for the twisted. The commune’s tranquility is revealed to be host to twisted customs and practices that while shocking never quite break the eery sense of tranquility and utopia in the movie. This movie was so unsettling that it was outright frightening to watch and very good. It stayed with me for a day or two after I watched it and is a trip.