Movie Posters :

I’ve been reading a lot of Fox News articles lately and skimming the comment sections and it’s kind of interesting. The articles themselves are devoted to snappy insults and degrading their opposition. It reads as though the conservative media outlet is interested in widening the rift between the left and the right or perhaps wishes to capitalize off of the already existing rift. Many other news sites I read tend to be more centrist, most definitely are not in favor of the current political climate but interestingly enough the kind of news Fox reports on is very different. They ignore liberal humanitarian pieces, will talk about anything other than gun violence (even on pieces about mass shootings) and glorify Trump without a second thought. They also use emotionally responsive language that I would normally associate with celebrity tabloids such as “slammed!” “blasted!” “shut down” on small pieces to gain readers and appear more action oriented. This is to me the definition of propaganda. News should be unbiased but Fox is incredibly biased towards conservationism. They feed into mindsets and fears that already exist, primarily for white, middle class Americans. In the comment section I have seen people argue about completely off topic things rather than focus on the actual problems in the article. “But what about…” this argument and anything that follows is meant to detract from the truth. It is is a segue away from the original topic to something usually only slightly related and meant to undermine rather than properly debate. I saw that a lot. 

I wish there was a good news website that was truly neutral or unobjective rather than this race to get the most views or shares or whatever they feed into. It’s created a media circus where everything is a sensationalist piece, politicians are treated like celebrities and political opinions are so polarized there’s no middle ground. Yes there are heavily liberal news sites and often they evoke the same feeling from me that they are simply to skewered. Rather than try and tell Americans what to think and feel, present the news without bias and let us decide for ourselves. 

SIDE NOTE: If you’d like to argue with me please remember that I have posted  my own conclusions here. You will be the one who is stepping up to the plate  because you couldn’t tolerate my difference of opinion. Please be respectful and know that most likely I am not going to respond. I have better things to do than argue with strangers on the internet.