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Watched this with a friend the other night while looking for cheesy horror movies and let me tell you, this was exactly what we wanted. No cgi (which we wanted), the wolf suit is comically bad, the acting is terrible, the main characters are supposed to be brother and sister but I would not be surprised if the man playing the brother was an only child and the actress comes across as flirty more than sibling and at first we weren’t certain they were supposed to be siblings. Luckily the brother calls his sister ‘sis’ at the end of every sentence to remind us. Just unrealistically so. The best character and the only good actor was the dog Thor. He is also the only character who’s name I remember. Played by the animal actor Primo, Thor is amazing and much of the story is told from his point of view. Not only is he the hero of the story but the level of acting he was on was so far above the humans that he was the only one I cared about. That is one hell of a good dog. The shots of scenery and nature however were good and actually helped bolster the film. As far as bad horror movies go, there’s definitely worse, the dog saves the film and it has a very 90′s vibe that’s fun.