Movie Posters :

You know, I got into it the other day with someone about gun control and I wanna explain my stance. I own a gun. It’s a .22 caliber rifle and I inherited it from my grandfather. He purchased it well used in in the 1970′s. Now, my family owns a seven acre plot of land pretty far out in the country that was my grandparents’ farm. It’s woods now and very isolated. We don’t live there either so when you go there by yourself, you’re totally alone. There is a tool garage on the property next to the ruins of the farm house. I keep the rifle in the garage 90% of the time because it is a tool. I have a large pond or small lake at one end of the property and I go swimming in it frequently in the summer and have friends over. I use the gun to shoot water snakes because they are venomous. In this instance, the gun is a tool. However, there have been times when I am up there working by myself, that I’ve heard someone coming up the drive way. Sometimes this has been a false alarm. My hearing isn’t very good but other times it’s been groups of people looking to mud or trash the place. I don’t bring the gun out with me when I confront them but I keep it in easy reach. Most times it isn’t even loaded but it’s still in reach. In this instance the gun is a weapon. I do not enjoy the idea of ever having to shoot someone. I don’t even know if I could, I’ve never been in that situation but bare in mind I’m 5′00 tall and weigh 92lbs and am alone up there. The gun is a weapon. Pretending it’s not is foolish and sounds like prattle. A gun is both a tool and a weapon but it is a weapon first and foremost.

Being conscious of both is very important just as understanding which circumstances call for a gun and which do not is. I’m not a gun person in the sense that I find them fun or exciting or enjoy them but I’m a practical person and I know the dangers of being alone up there. I don’t need anything larger or more deadly than what I have nor do I want it. I don’t even like killing the snakes. 

 Now a 22. is a pretty small  but my father taught me time and time again never to underestimate it. It can kill a man and that’s something that can never be taken back. That is the reality of such a tool. It isn’t cool and although in the past I’ve enjoyed shooting at buckets and bottles with friends it isn’t a play thing or meant for fun. Buying a dangerous weapon (and all guns are dangerous, no mater how much you think you know about them they are still dangerous) buying one just because you want one or because you think guns are fun or cool is immature. I know this is harsh but reality is what it is and guns are not toys.

I will also add that guns today cannot be compared to the weapons of the 1700′s and modern gun reform is needed. Civilians don’t need semi-automatic weapons or assault style weapons and before anyone starts on the “slippery slope” theory, we’ve had gun control before and it didn’t get out of hand. I for one would like to see the return of the Assault Weapons ban. The gun I own is not harmless but it serves it’s purpose and has served my family more than well enough for three generations. Guns are not toys and should be heavily regulated. An outright ban on all guns is ridiculous and impossible but the gun laws we have today are clearly not enough and I’ll be honest, if giving up this weapon would help stop mass shootings I’d hand it over with every piece of ammunition I own (I also do not stock pile ammunition- I barely need what I have). I have plenty of tools up there that would be perfectly good weapons if I felt threatened and as for the water snakes, that wasn’t even my dad’s favorite way to get ‘em. Granddad brought back a katana from WWII and I can’t tell you how many times dad sent me running for the sword when he saw a snake!

In closing, America needs modern, realistic, practical and safe gun laws. This is not the only thing that needs to be addressed in preventing mass shootings, the US’s abysmal mental health care system needs to be fixed as well as a myriad of other things. However, while gun control might not be the only issue that needs to be addressed, it is one of the biggest. 

If I have sounded harsh in this at all I apologize. I am not intending to insult anyone. This is a statement of my views and an explanation of where I stand on the issue of gun control. I am an avid supporter and have been since I was a was old enough to understand the topic. I have lost family to gun deaths (accidental discharge and a suicide) and understand the reality of what a gun can do, because of that I support realistic and appropriate gun control. 

If you read this and have bitter or hateful thoughts please keep them to yourself. I am not here to argue nor will I indulge you if all you want is a fight. I don’t start fights with people on the internet nor do I enjoy arguing with strangers. Thank you for reading.