Discovring Stunning Nightclub Poster Flyer Template

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On this post, we are discovring one of the best flyer Templates in 2017-2018, Stunning Nightclub Poster Flyer Template from Shamsa having more than 105 purchases on Enevato Market !

1. Review

Title : Stunning Nightclub Poster Flyer Template

Type : print-templates/flyers/events/clubs-parties

Designer : Shamsa

Publishing date : 2010-04-07T21:53:48+10:00 and updated at 2010-04-07T21:53:48+10:00

Price : 6 $

Sales : 105

Review & Rating : 4.88

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2. Description

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3508×2480 at 300 dpi (A4)

Stunning, trendy, striking poster and flyer template. Can be used as Poster, Flyer, E-Flyer template for nightclubs and any nightlife events. Also works great as a website background, artwork background, print, anything. Customizable fonts – just input your text into the template and you’re ready for print! Every single layer used in creation is included – dig in and find out how it was made! Comes with 5 artwork variations – mix and match to create your own.
Massive resolution of 3508×2480 at 300 dpi.
Use for print or web, find out how “pro’s” do it and or customize it and create your own.
Have fun!


– Every single adjustable layer used in creation of the background included.
– Organized in groups for easy navigation
– 1 Click artwork change
– Show or hide different layers for your own unique style
– Use as a poster, flyer, website background, wallpaper, brochures, magazine spreads, literally – anything!

In your folder:

– Layered Photoshop file with all layers included, all objects on the background is a layer at full 300dpi.
– Preview in high res jpeg.
– Help and description file.

File structure:

– Lines Angled Group: turn these visible / invisible by clicking on the eye icon to choose artwork with angled lines (one at a time).
– Lines Horizontal Group – turn these visible / invisible by clicking on the eye icon to choose artwork with straight shiny lines (one at a time).
– Oversat Version – turn this visible/invisible to switch between bright/darker version.
– Guide Lines indicate Bleed and Cut Lines.


FuturisC (Bold and Normal) – Download here: http://www.fontslog.com/futurisc-otf-17092.htm

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